Extruder/Motor Issue

  • Hello,

    My extruder/motor is having some issues.

    Titan extruder 1.75 DD
    V6 hotend
    MKS base v1.6

    I first had extruder connected to the E0 pin. When attempting to tell it to extrude outside of a print or during a print, the hobb gear would move minimally back and forth, almost like a jostling motion, while making a clicking sound. After trying a few things, I decided to switch to the E1 pin and made the necessary adjustments in Marlin. Now, when I tell it to extrude outside of a print (10mm out extrusion), the gear will turn smoothly and filament will come out, however, it will sometimes go in reverse when commanded to extrude 10mm out. It will do that a few times and then extrude the correct direction. When trying a print, the gear will sit there and jostle/click again, with no filament coming out. If I were to push down on the filament or help the hobb gear along, plastic will come out. I tried adjusting the potentiometer and that has no effect. The orientation of the plug is correct on both ends. I have tried prints at 45mm/s and 60mm/s at 210 degrees for PLA. Again, the gear moves smoothly and plastic comes out when asked to extrude outside of a print, but it sometimes goes backwards. In a print, the gear doesnt ever change positions because it moves minimally back and forth, no plastic comes out and this is the case even after the first few layers. Every other component works perfectly. This is my first build and I am very confused by this.


  • @disramoff8227 I'm curious as to why you have posted this on the Duet forums. Duet boards don't have adjustment pots, and use RepRap firmware, not Marlin.

  • @deckingman Honestly, I just googled 3D Printing forums and posted on several forums hoping to increase the chance of finding a solution.

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    It kind of sounds like you have a bad connection on one of the stepper motor wires. Check the crimps and check continuity of the wires with a multimeter.

  • So I went ahead and re-crimped and re-soldered (I needed to extend my motor cables) the extruder motor cables. Turns out one of my solders was sub-par. To be expected as this was my first time soldering wires. I had dismissed this diagnosis because the extruder functioned properly while loading/unloading. Thank you very much for prompting me to double check the wiring! Everything works beautifully now and I have completed my first print on my own printer.

    Thanks for your help!

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    @disramoff8227 glad it's working. Enjoy your printer. Maybe your next one will use a Duet. ☺

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