Revisiting Octoprint

  • First off yes the Duet Web control is fantastic. It does 100% of what I need to print but... I would like to take advantage of some of the plugin monitoring or novelty features octoprint has. So far I have a RPi3 running octoprint connected to the Maestro through usb. I use octoprint to host the camera feed only at this point. As it sits, it can only see temperatures. What would it take to have it see when a print has been started. There is a new plugin that can detect when a print has failed by looking for the "spaghetti" that usually happens from printing in the air but it only works if it knows a print is running. I could print from octoprint directly but it would be nice to just print through the maestro.

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    @antlestxp said in Revisiting Octoprint:

    I could print from octoprint directly but it would be nice to just print through the maestro.

    I don't think there is currently any way for the Duet and Octoprint to communicate like that. If all you are using octoprint for is camera monitoring there are a few other options that use a raspberry pi to do timelapses and things.

    My understanding is that if you want to use more of the Octoprint plugins you'd have to use the Duet in USB mode where octoprint is in complete control of the print process. This does work. You have to do it this way to use the Mosaic Palette 2 for instance, but you do lose some of the nice Duet features.

    There was some talk of a Duet plugin for Octoprint a while back to allow better communication, but I think it got put on hold in favour of a more generic printer communication framework that would allow any printer to interface with octoprint, but I haven't heard anything on progress there.

  • @phaedrux I kinda figured. I have ran a few prints through octoprint. I does work. I may just print from octoprint any time i'm not around to watch a print and use the duet when I am home. The new spaghetti plugin in octoprint is pretty amazing. I would be nice to see the same features make its way to the duet family.

  • I'm using this bot to monitor my prints. It uses the web interface to pull up data, so there's no need to use the Duet in USB mode.

    Although it doesn't really have nearly as much functionality as Octoprint, it's still pretty useful if you don't want to run prints off USB.

  • i can use a remote desktop session to see the duet interface. the spaghetti plugin is automated. it will pause or shut down a print on its own if there is a problem.

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