@zapta said in My tuned tmc2660 settings:

@wilriker, I still don't get it. 😉

If ch1 is the current through a coil, why there are two yellow lines and what are all those yellow dots? The current through a coil cannot change in zero time.

First of all I am not that skilled in o-scope usage but here is my interpretation: they have overlayed two passes so you can see the waveform better. Also CH1 and CH2 are voltages not current though I think this does not matter much.

The dots I have no real clue what they mean. I would think of noise or they are the actual sampled values used to reconstruct the displayed waveform. From the screenshot you can tell that they used a Rhode & Schwarz HMO3524 MSO. No longer available but looking at the specs that's a pretty expensive piece of gear. So this might have all sorts of math and black-magic available not found on average hobbyist scopes.