Printing % on PanelDue

  • Is it possible for the PanelDue to display the completion % instead of just 'Printing' in the top right hand corner?
    I.E. Printing - 16.6%
    Or would that cause too much traffic over the serial connection.


  • ANd while I remember, the PanelDue is showing Fan 0%, even though all of my fans are on, including the case fan for the Maestro.
    Have I messed up somewhere?

  • administrators

    Which versions of RepRapFirmware and PanelDueFirmware are you running? I think there was a bug fix in this area sometime last year.

  • @dc42 I am running the following
    PanelDue 1.22.1(28B1)
    Maestro Firmware Version: 2.02RC3(RTOS) (2018-10-17b2)
    Web Interface Version: 1.22.6


  • I think you should update your PanelDue and main firmware versions.

    1.23 for paneldue just came out, and 2.02 final has been released for quite some time. That may take care of your fan %.

  • Thank you @dc42 and @Phaedrux
    I will read up on how to do the updates.

    Regards, Paul.


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