A BIG thanks to Duet3D for thinking of us "walking hazards"

  • To the Duet3D Gang, A BIG thanks.

    I just blew my AUX FAN fuse while messing with loose connectors for my induction probe (my Z Probe).
    I've had issues with loose connectors happen on my MelziV2, RAMPS1.4 and RAMPS1.6 boards in the past. It usually led to the death of the board and my having to buy a replacement.

    With my DuetV2 WiFi, the fuse blew and the board was saved while continuing to work in every other way.

    This is the level of engineering and the attention to detail I was looking for when I sought out a Duet board.

    So, just a HUGE THANKS for your better engineering practices Deut3D !!!

    Now... Where do I get replacement fuses and the proper puller tool?

  • They're standard automotive ones aren't they?

    Car fuse boxes (often 2 or 3 of them now) often have a puller in their lid, otherwise since it's screwed anyway needle nose plier will likely be good enough.

  • That is what I had thought originally, but not sure now.
    They don't have the same amperage identifiers (the AMP rating on the top) in white numbers i.e. 15A, nor does the shell have the same side profiles to let you grip them with the little plastic car fuse puller tool.
    Finally, the spades are so tight, I'm afraid to pull on them for fear I'll rip the female ends off the board.

    I'll try to pull it with the car fuse puller and let you know in a bit.

    It's a 1A fuse that you can actually test continuity via 2 points at the top. That made things sooo much easier to diagnose.

  • @doctrucker FYI: New cars no longer use those larger fuses, they now have the same style, but in micro format (about half the size) The tool is also a micro format one for them.

    Canadian Tire tomorrow, to see if they carry the old tool while I stock up on a few 1AMP fuses as well. 🙂

    Just my luck 😉

  • The automotive ones come in mega, standard, mini, and micro sizes. Littlefuse make a lot of them and have good online documentation.

    Here's a site with a few different blade fuses:

    My other passion which is on hold is a kit car conversion that's getting a custom loom.

  • Not only this, but also an awesome documentation, which provides enough detail for all the non-electronics guys like me.

  • @doctrucker Canadain Tire carried the LittleFuz Mini Fuses in 1, 2, 7.5 and 15 AMP. for only a couple bucks a pack (varied from 2 to 5 pcs. / pack).

    Up and running now without the need to wait for some AliExpress junk to arrive in a month.

    This is the place I've wanted to be for a while and glad I made the move to go premium.
    This is a great forum with lots of very helpful people, great vendor and awesome re-seller support.

    This is as good as it gets in the 3D Printer world in my experience.

    Now it's time to setup my config files.

  • It thought this link was amusing...lol https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/How_to_destroy_your_Duet_2

    We take pride in out board and the way we designed it. Here is a sarcastic guide if you have the means to destroy out controller board made with our blood, sweat, and tears.... if you to try thanks for that.

    WAIT can this FINE piece of engineering be overclocked?? I did just put that into the universe... my bad.

  • @voodoobane Yes, this post was actually one of the reasons I started to look into the Duet boards.
    As funny as it is, I can contest... It not B.S.

    I think this is an excellent selling tool. Funny and true 🙂

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