Recommended extruded motor

  • I have a delta printer, based off of DC42’s large Kossel build.
    Duet Wi-Fi , smart effector, E3D volcano with .8mm nozzle.

    I have been using a nimble extruded but am tired of endless calibration and never ending blobs and ripples. I have a titan extruded sitting in a box so I’m looking at going back to that and a Bowden tube.

    With the nimble it was recommended to use a 1.8 degree motor due to the gearing. What is recommended for a titan and a volcano setting ? 1.8 or 0.9 ? My power supply is 24v if that matters in the decision.

  • you want to be around 300-400 steps/mm. so a 1.8 degree motor is fine for a titan.

  • @jarery said in Recommended extruded motor:

    using a nimble extruded but am tired of endless calibration and never ending blobs and ripples

    Hey I have been using a flex shaft system like the Nimble for years. Whenever I see ripples, I replace the shaft, and the problem goes away for a few months. The problem being when the shaft gets softer, it becomes springy, and doesn't transfer torque instantly anymore, it builds up tension before releasing tension, causing ripples and blobs.

    You must really watch what the bend radius of the flex shaft is, or else it wears down really fast. If you have a kink in the protective tube, it will also wear down the shaft faster. Perhaps re-evaluate the placement and orientation of your motor.

    I also switched to a 3/16" diameter flex shaft (uncommon but stronger) instead of 1/8" diameter (more common). To do this mod, you need to stick a solid shaft down the nylon worm you got first, and then us a shaft coupling between the flex shaft and the solid shaft.

    Also I never really calibrated my E-steps. My first system was a Flex3Drive and they simply told me what number to put into Marlin and it's been dead on. My second system is my own design but with known gear size so I just calculated it and it was dead on too. Never had to really calibrate either printer's e-steps.

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    You can use either 1.8deg or 0.9deg with a 3:1 geared extruder such as the Titan. I use 1.8deg motors in all my extruders, but as you are using 24V power, if you need to buy a new motor then in your position I would probably choose 0.9deg just in case it makes a difference to print quality.

  • @frank26080115 you could always use a 1/4 inch ball bearing. with a "metal spring" flex coupler shaft. I just saw a video on this idk if it works well but it makes sense to me.


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