Cant print anymore!

  • My printer used to print fine until yesterday. Every print fails from the start now and looking closely it looks like the Z axis is lifting up and then back down on the first layer.
    I tried to re-establish Z=0 using my calibrate Z Probe macro and my suspicions of Z lifting were confirmed. I can no longer jog Z down to bite a piece of paper because when it gets to a certain position close to gripping the paper Z starts to lower instead of raising!
    I'm on firmware 2.03 beta 3.
    I find it strange that @gnydick is having similar problems when baby-stepping

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    Does the behaviour persist if you switch back to firmware 2.02?

  • I haven't had chance to do it yet. I will let you know the outcome cheers.

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    Can you post more information? Config file, homing files, your probe calibration macro, details about the printer and z axis. Video of the problem. Greatly helps in tracking down the root issue.

  • @Phaedrux
    I found the issue.
    There were problems with the gcode in a couple of macros regarding setting up the z-probe and mesh bed levelling that did not become apparent until I made a slight alteration with the physical position of my ir-probe.
    Thanks for your help though.

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