Adding Panel indicators to Bed, hotend

  • I have a Duet Maestro board and would like to add some indicators to give me a visual indication of what is active.
    For instance, where the hotend plugs in I am using the screw terminals, could I connect an led indicator to the 2 pin molex as well?


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    Yes, you can connect an LED + series resistor to the heater output pins too, in parallel with the heater - just like the LED + resistor that is already on the Duet.

  • Thanks DC, not sure what you mean LED + resistor.
    I have ordered some of these. Are they OK? I am running 24v.

  • @paulhew Yes, those will be fine.

  • Thank you for your help. Have ordered them.

  • A bare LED cannot be directly connected to any arbitrary power supply — a resistor usually needs to be added to limit the power to the LED based on its specifications.

    The panel mount led you bought likely has a resistor.


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