Mesh Bed Compensation - Acceptable Deviation?

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    I apologize if this has been answered - but I looked all over and couldn't find any answers for it. For Mesh Bed Compensation, is there a suggested or acceptable level of deviation (max to min) to ensure Mesh Bed Compensation is working as intended? Just curious as to what the Duet Wifi can handle from a max/min deviation perspective. Our print area on our machines tend to be within 0.300mm (max/min deviation) over a 475mm (X) and 410mm (Y) span.


  • Just seeing if anyone has any suggestions on this - thanks!


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    My SCARA printer has errors of up to 0.8mm and it compensates OK.

    If the height map displayed after probing is smooth, the compensation should be OK. If it has grooves and ridges in the X direction, you have backlash or another mechanical error that needs to be corrected. If it has random-looking highs and lows then the probe doesn't have a consistent trigger height.

  • @dc42 Thank you so much sir! That is exactly what we needed to here. I wanted to be sure, spec wise, we were shipping our units within reasonable tolerances. Thanks to @Phaedrux who helped us out a few months ago with getting our bed leveling just right, this was a final question we had. As always, great product and keep up the good work! We are very impressed with the QC standards you have and are proud to be shipping our BFP-ICARUS units with your hardware.


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