External driver extension board for Maestro for those interested

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    I'm using external drivers with my Maestro and some of my drivers require 5V differential signals so, I made a board that acts as a daughter board and it does not block the PT100 add-on card, does not block the expansion connector (it actually carries it up), or any other terminal and gets is 5V from the board.

    I'm not an electrical engineer and don't have that much knowledge in the area and I don't know if it's totally correct but, hey, it works.

    I don't have intentions on making money from this, it will be open-source but, I currently have a few boards made, if anyone is interested I can sell them, as I won't be needing them.

    Here are some pictures:

    2_1556716614617_duet3d_maestro_external3.jpg 1_1556716614617_duet3d_maestro_external2.jpg 0_1556716614616_duet3d_maestro_external1.jpg

    If you don't use "Enable" on your motors, you only need a single 75ALS192, single cap and terminals and two RJ45 jacks (I like to use CAT5 cable between board and driver.

    The board uses the onboard 5V but, if you require cleaner power, there is a jumper and terminal for another 5V connection.


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    Thanks for sharing!

  • Nice expansion. Here another rj45 lover.

  • Hi, do you have schematics and such available for this board? It looks like it could be useful for something I'm doing.

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