DuetWifi Support 5Ghz?

  • Hi guys, I'm getting ready to build a new printer and trying to decide If the DuetWifi will work. The printer will be in my office at work and we only have a 5Ghz network there, without the use of an Ethernet port it would be hard to have access to it. I do see the mention of a Duet Ethernet on the wiki page, hopefully that will be due out soon and I could just go with that option as I have access to a switch in my office. Thanks for any info on the wireless.

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    The wifi module on the DuetWifi only supports 2.4Ghz band so your options are:

    1. use a wifi->usb dongle on your PC to connect to the DuetWifi
    2. use a wifi access point to create a 2.4Ghz network.
    3. use the DuetEthernet when it comes out towards the end of this month/beginning of next month.

  • Thanks for the info!
    I do have a USB to Ethernet Dongle that I could use but I would suspect just like the tablets I use it with the speeds wouldn't be the best. So maybe my best option is to wait for the new Ethernet version to come out especially if it is that close to release. I'll probably start sourcing parts out in a week or two so I wouldn't even need the board probably for 3-4 weeks.

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    A wifi to USB dongle wouldn't give you the web interface or high speed file upload, because we don't support networking over USB (yet). So your best bet is indeed to wait for the Duet Ethernet.

  • Awesome thank you guys, I can hold out for a couple more weeks as well. Keep hearing you guys have the best board out there 😉 Hopefully, Filastruder will be able to get some in quickly.

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    I agree wait for the ethernet if you can.

    I needed to be much clearer about the wifi/usb dongle. I ment using one to add a different wifi card to your laptop so that you could connect to two wifi networks at once. Network 1 (via laptop built in wifi) for your office wifi. Network 2(via usb wifi dongle at 2,4Ghz) in a seperate network to the duetwifi.

  • @Demthios:

    Hopefully, Filastruder will be able to get some in quickly.

    We'll have them overnighted as soon as they're available,

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