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  • so as i mentioned in another post impressed with DUETWifi.
    Has anyone ever attempted to use this on a CNC build?
    Seems lIke the natural progression for this Board/TFT.
    I'm in the middle of a 152 c x 152 c cnc build. 4 3amp 425 oz nema 23s
    i would def be into beta testing such a product 🙂

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    The Duet already broadly supports CNC tools that can have their axis configured in a way that is compatible with the Duet. For example customers have reported CNC milling working and David recently added arc support to the firmware. Tool on/off can be controlled via a fan input.

    Generally on larger machines with heavier axis external drivers are used to allow for much higher power motors however this is supported.

    Let me know what elements you would like to see added to further support CNC.

    I realise that high axis count, automatic tool changing CNC machines would require a significant amount of macro development to work but i don't know enough about them to know what features (if any) are actually missing from the firmware.

  • any links to any one using deut for cnc?
    having mach3 on a 7" duo panel would be amazing

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