GCODE - For Newbies

  • Can anyone recommend a learning resource for GCode? I have been using my Duet3D WiFi and by association RepRap for 4 days and an trying to learn GCode on the fly. I would like to learn more about GCode in order to better understand what I am looking at when working on my printer. Does anyone have any recommendations or is this a "Google is your friend" moment?

  • For comprehensive docs try the official gcode documentation on the reprap wiki, and the reprapfirmware specific one



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    To understand the basics, I suggest you take a GCode file generated by your slicer, open it in an editor, and look up each GCode command in one of the pages linked to by @oliof. Slicers don't use many different GCodes.

    To understand many of the configuration GCodes used by RepRapFirmware, do the same for the config.g file.


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