Cr-10s5 with m3d print head

  • Ok, so i already had a cr-10s5 (500x500x500) and have been printing projects on it successfully. I then learnt of colour printing with the quad fusion head from M3D and thought it looked amazing. I purchased the printer head, psu, lcd and duet 2 maestro board directly from M3D and have now spent over 2 months trying to get it to work with very little success. Everything is wired to the maestro board as shown on the M3D site but its the software i'm sure of it. i can move stepper motors and the bed and the screen works (this all from an email from M3D, but there is little to no support for this and M3D keep brushing me off. I specifically purchased the exact setup they are using on their videos thinking it will be a breeze but nothing i do seems to work ( also the filament doesn't even want to load... i think) and i cannot get the Ethernet to work or cura to communicate even tho it shows up in device manager. Does anyone out there use the same setup? I am hoping for the SD card contents for this setup, im even willing to pay someone at this stage to set it up because it is driving me crazy spending this much on this setup and not being able to do anything about it.

    Duet Maestro 2
    Rep rap LCD
    M3d quad fusion head
    24v PSU
    Cr-10s5 (500500500)

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Hi
    Please post your config.g
    Can you communicate with the webpage of the Maestro?

  • i will go grab the sd card now to get the files. i cannot communicate with it at all atm.

  • @paulhew

    ; Configuration file for Duet Maestro (firmware version 2.02RC2 or newer)
    ; executed by the firmware on start-up
    ; Created by PrintM3D
    ; For Crane Quad
    ; startup!

    M98 Pgeneral.g ; Call General Configuration Module
    M98 Pnetwork.g ; Call Network Module
    M98 Pmotion.g ; Call Kinematics/Motor Module
    M98 Pthermal.g ; Call Heater/Fan/Sensing Module
    M98 Ptools.g ; Call Toolhead Module

    ; Call QC start up
    ;M98 Pqc.g
    ;M98 Pproduction.g

  • @paulhew also this is the base files i have tried to use

  • Please send the config.g from the SD card.
    Lets get the comms working 1st over ethernet..


  • If that is the config.g from your SD for your maestro, there is allot of config missing.
    Have you been here to create the config?

  • yeah i have, but when i copy the files it generates to the sd card, everything stops working, lcd included

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    @spinaljamin said in Cr-10s5 with m3d print head:


    M3D has split config.g into several different files and called them from the config,g file. So we'll need to see files general.g, network.g, motion.g, thermal.g and tools.g too.

    @spinaljamin said in Cr-10s5 with m3d print head:

    yeah i have, but when i copy the files it generates to the sd card, everything stops working, lcd included

    The LCD not working probably means that you need to add a M918 command to the generated config.g file to enable the LCD. See

    To get Ethernet working, connect the Duet to your router and use the LCD to display the IP address. Alternatively, connect it to your PC vie USB and use pronterface or a terminal emulator to send the M552 command, which will return the IP address. If it's then the Duet has failed to get an IP address from your router. Otherwise, that's the IP address to put in your browser.

  • @dc42 okay so the only way i got the lcd and ip to show up was using there exact files from above, so i should keep the exact files and try connecting through the Ethernet? It has only been showing up as IP so maybe i can try another port... or another router? i really appreciate the help, its 930pm here so i will have another go in the morning.

  • Perhaps you can go through this guide to get things going.


    The CR10-S5 and the Ender 3 are fairly similar in many ways. If you go through the process in the configurator and change the settings as needed you should end up with a good starting config. You can even get the answers to most of your questions from the M3D config files.

    Those two guides should help you at least get connected to the Maestro through the Web Control.


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