PanelDue doesn't show status correctly

  • PanelDue shows the machine status at the upper right corner. When I control the machine from the web interface, the status on PanelDue is always correct. However, when I control the machine from PanelDue itself, the status is often incorrect.


    1. Wait for PanelDue to show Idle status.
    2. In PanelDue, trigger the HomeAll operation.
    3. Observe the displayed status while the machine is homing.

    Observed: IDLE is displayed.
    Expected: a status other than IDLE.

    If I invoke the step #2 HomeAll command from the web interface, PanelDue does show the correct non IDLE status.

  • What is your PanelDue firmware version? What version of PanelDue? What Duet board? What version of firmware on the Duet?

  • Phaedrux, duet wifi 2.03beta2 (2019-02-16b1), paneldue 5 1.23.2.

    Can you reproduce on your configuration? When turn on your printer and press the homeall button on your paneldue, does the status on the upper right corner of the paneldue change immediately from Idle to Busy?

  • @zapta said in PanelDue doesn't show status correctly:


    Perhaps try updating to 2.03 RC5.

    I'll see if I can replicate it.

  • I can confirm with 2.03 RC5 and 1.23.2 the status always shows idle when commands issued from the panel, and will change properly when issues from the DWC.

  • Thanks @phaedrux.

  • Found this in the paneldue source code

    Maybe in this case force locally the displayed status to BUSY without waiting for the next status report from the printer?

  • administrators

    What's happening is that until the Home command has completed, RRF can't process the status poll command that fetches the status. RRF does send status updates automatically sometimes, for example while waiting for something to heat up, but not yet during macro execution.

  • @dc42, can the paneldue show more accurate data with the existing information it has, e.g. 'Busy' status while it executes a macro or homing instead of 'Idle'?

    Same for similar cases where communication is not available, e.g. when accessing file list during homing, it can show 'waiting...' instead of '0 files'.

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