Duet Wifi Repair Service

  • Hello All,

    I have two duet wifi boards and a panel due that need repair. Can anyone suggest where I can send them.



  • I'm sure it'll help if you provide a rough idea of where the boards are, and what kind of problems there are.

    If you know whats wrong, a descent phone repair shop should be able to replace parts, if you need troubleshooting thats a different ball game etc.

  • Thank you @bearer I am in Buffalo, NY.

    Neither of the boards have any physical damage as far as I can tell.

    Board 1: I moved my printer to a more stable table and I believe the panel due connection was loose when I reconnected it and then the board got really hot not even plugged in to power ( I read this means I have a problem with my processor?)

    My panel due is also damaged, it lights up a black screen but does not show anything.

    Board 2: Due to loose wires connectivity to the firmware became flakey and the fan and Z probe stopped working



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    Try sending a PM to forum user W3DRK.

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    @pauljsr have you.managed to get anywhere with diagnosing why your setup is damaging the Duets?

  • Thank you @dc42
    @T3P3Tony yes thankfully I have my machine up and running. It is a Tronxy X5ST 500x500x600mm with a titan aero, bl touch and of course a duet wifi. Lot of hours being that I am new to this but happy with the result.

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