Slow printing

  • Need a bit of advice. I watch videos of others printers working and they just keep going/moving all of the time. My prints stop for 1-3 seconds then prints a bit, then stops. It is almost like it is stopping to think. this is adding substantial time onto the print. What are some settings to look at that would eliminate or lessen the stopping and starting. I would be willing to share a print file with someone if that would help.

    I am using Simplify 3D as a slicer on my Ender 3. I'm just not sure if slicer settings or printer settings are the culprit.

    Thank you.

  • Best to post up your config.g file for review.

  • Moderator

    A full slicer gcode file might contain all your simplify 3d settings as well.

    Things that can cause pauses like that:
    Slow retraction
    Slow z speed
    Low jerk and acceleration values

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