SD Card Crashed?

  • I relocated my filament spool from the top of my Ender 3 to attach to the left side of the base by the Z axis motor (less weight up top and filament aligned with extruder). During the beginning part of a print last night, homing procedure, the print head was lowering and my filament spool got trapped underneath the Z motor. I tried to use the control panel to pause the print but it wouldn’t stop so I switched the power off. Since then, the control panel is blank and the SD Card says it needs to be formatted if I plug it into my computer.

    Did the SD Card crash because I reset power? I’ve done this when setting up the printer but not had this issue, is there a reason for it happening this time? Is it possible to send emergency stop from the control panel if it had the menu option? Is there anything I can do to resolve this or do I have to start over (I’ve no recent backup since adding z probe)?

    UPDATE: I've reformatted the SD Card and am in process of setting up macros, adjusting z probe offset, mesh bed leveling, etc. This time I'll be making a backup but would be nice to understand why this happened to prevent it in the future for somebody else.

  • what version of the firmware are you running?

  • I'm using firmware file Duet2Firmware-2.02a.

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    I'd probably use this tool to do a full format of the card before I trust it again.

    It's possible it was in the middle of a write when the power was killed. Or could be the card was just failing to begin with.

    It's actually a fairly common problem on RaspberryPis. Some people switch to using USB storage devices instead of the SD card for the boot drive.

  • @phaedrux said in SD Card Crashed?:

    ome people switch to using USB storage devices instead of the SD card for the boot driv

    Thanks, I'll backup the files, format as suggested, and copy the files back.

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