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  • Woud it be possible instead of having firmware filenames like 'DuetMaestroFirmware.bin' have instead 'DuetMaestroFirmware203RC4.bin' for a Release Candidate or 'DuetMaestroFirmware203Rel.bin' for a Release, please.
    Makes managing files much easier especially as I have just had to do find the correct firmware I had before updating this morning.

    Thanks, Paul.

  • @paulhew As an interim measure or if your request isn't possible, what I do is create a folder for each firmware, give that the name of the version, and save the download into that folder. So e.g. I have folder called "Firmware" then inside that I have various folders such as "Firmware2.03RC2", "Firmware 2.03 beta" etc. Each folder only has one file ("Duet2CombinedFirmare.bin").

    Edit. Until a short time ago, firmware files were named as you requested but to instal the firmware we had to re-name the file by stripping out the version part first, then upload it to the Duet. I'd guess that like everything else, the behaviour was changed in response to user requests, so I doubt DC will be keen to change it back.

  • @deckingman Thanks Ian. I have just started to rename them, but I have to load them to find out what version they are.

  • @paulhew said in Firmware Filenames:

    @deckingman Thanks Ian. I have just started to rename them, but I have to load them to find out what version they are.

    Just edited my post above - added something that I suddenly remembered.

  • @deckingman after I renamed my files I thought about that, but they load fine with the example I gave above.
    I thought a Maestro might only look for a DuetMaestroFirmware.bin but it seems to accept it.

  • If you're on Linux or a Mac, you can hack the bin file to get the version...

    $ strings Duet2CombinedFirmware.bin | grep -B1 "RepRapFirmware for" | head -1

    This could change in the future but I could see the ability to get the version from the bin file being useful so maybe I'll send a patch to @dc42 to make it easier to extract.

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    @paulhew i might be lazy but i just go to the release page on github to get a firmware binary. don't bother archiving them on my local machine. Why do you need that?

  • Normally my download folder is tidy. Today I was looking for the last firmware I had before 2.03, after I upgraded and had some issues.
    I am sure it was not the firmware, but I wanted to check.

    I had DuetMastroFirmware.bin, DuetMastroFirmware(1).bin, DuetMastroFirmware(2).bin etc in my download folder.
    I had to load each one to find out what version it was. Date and time was not an option either.

    When I write code for switches, the filename is relevant for the switch, normally the switch name then date then version for that day.
    ie CPLCore-210619v3.txt

    First time I have rolled back to a previous version today, too many things going wrong!

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