BL Touch - how to reset?

  • Have just started using the BL touch and occasionally it seems to go into error mode and no longer responds to usual commands. Perhaps will get messages of the form "has already been triggered".

    Obviously this prevents Z-homing so it's quite dramatic. Thus far have been relying upon unplugging the sensor cable from the PWM port to power down the sensor and start over!

    What's the correct way is to recover from this situation?

  • Morning, Is it a clone or an original from Antclabs?
    Double check your wiring especially if there are joins somewhere along the line.
    Unplug the little connector on the back carefully and re-insert it again.

    I have had a similar issue, down to cabling.

    I found the reset command on Antclabs website. M280 Px S160
    x is the port/channel number


  • Hi, I have original bltouch v3 and I've always had the same problem. I mean he did it both when he was connected to the previous sche mks gen 1.4 with marlin and now with duet 2 wifi so I assume that it's not the cards but the bltouch and not even the wiring (at least in my case) since during the migration from mks a duet I took the opportunity to wire all new wires. I now live with this thing and when it goes wrong I have to turn off the printer, manually pull the pin down and turn it back on.
    If anyone has ideas or evidence I will be happy to put them into practice.

  • Thanks folks.

    Will give the M280 Px S160 command a shot next time it happens.

    Have an original Antlabs and the latest of the latest (came with a just-assembled Railcore kit). Since they seem to upgrade them very frequently (no complaints) it's quite hard to get consistent information. One of the things that might put it into failure mode is manually moving an axis thence pumping electrical noise into the duet. Actually find that unplugging the wires more effective than turning off the printer as there seems to be enough residual electricity in the Duet to maintain the probe's state for some time.

  • I solve by moving with my hand the pin of the BL. I read somewhere that this is because small particles get introduced and make it difficult to move

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