Duet Connection problems

  • Hi,
    Im using the duet WIFI for around 3/4 years now and i still have frequent connection problems.
    If i start the duet i can connect fine (most of the time) but after like 5 minutes or so it will disconnect me, and this keeps on going. .
    Sometime i need to restart the duet because i cant connect anymore.

    I spend a lot of time to fix this and finally give up, this was +/-2 year ago .

    But i still hope someone can give me solution for this, because its still very anoying.

    Im running this firmware:
    Firmware Name: RepRapFirmware for Duet WiFi
    Firmware Electronics: Duet WiFi 1.0 or 1.01 + DueX2
    Firmware Version: 1.21RC1 (2018-01-25)
    WiFi Server Version: 1.21RC1
    Web Interface Version: 1.20

  • @michel000 Update to the cuurent firmwares and don't forget the read the whatsnew for every version since 1.21RC. Things have changed since then.

  • my duet has decided that it doesnt want a update i think,
    I cannot connect for long enough to upload the new firmware.

    Is there a reason to think new firmware will fix this problem ? Was there a bug with the wifi connection thats fixed in the new firmware?
    I heard the update you firmware answer before and i did update it back then but it didnt make any difference.

    to be honest i'm a bit done with the duet, the board is working great only the wifi is really bad, (big problem for hardware that can only be controlled via wifi) could i connect a different wifi board or maybe an ethernet board ?

    Do new Duet wifis have a different wifi chip ? Or is it just as good/bad ?

  • If you have wifi problems, you can update the firmware as explained here.
    Try 2.03, the firmware has undergone quite a few changes since your revision (which is a release candidate) and may fix your issue.

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    Yes there have been some fixes and improvements for the wifi connectivity, so please do try updating the main firmware, wifi server, and DWC to the latest 2.03 release. That way at least we can get a better idea what might be going wrong.

    If you're unable to connect over wifi in order to do the update, you would have to manually copy the files to the SD card and use a USB terminal to send the command to update. As described in the link above.

    You may also find some help from this document on improving the wifi: https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/WiFi_disconnections_and_AJAX_timeout_errors

    There is also the possibility that the wifi module is failing, but we need to do some troubleshooting first to determine that.

  • If you run M122, what does the WiFi section report? I'm especially interested in the dBm value. I am asking since I proved accidentally yesterday that moving the board to another place -- by about half a meter -- improved the signal by about 15dBm, which caused connectivity to improve so that the throughput went up by a factor of five. I had intermittent connectivity issues at the old location as well ...

  • i updated to the latest firware last week and im printing now for a week and im not getting constant disconnects.

    But i did notice that opening g-code files will disconnect the web interface.

    Thank you guys !

  • administrators

    @michel000 said in Duet Connection problems:

    But i did notice that opening g-code files will disconnect the web interface.

    Opening them in what way - for editing, or something else?

    Which firmware and DWC versions are you running now?

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