Sensor understanding

  • my duet wifi board makes me confused ...

    I don´t understand how the sensor assignment work.
    Wich Port is assigned to wich axis?

    As I understand from right to left = Z,Y,X,E0,E1
    0_1561305697831_Bildschirmfoto 2019-06-23 um 17.59.20.png

    But, if I need to set an endswitch for U,V,W wich port I have to use or how can I assign a port?

    I´ve read in the wiki I can use M574 to configure the sensor.

    As sample, how I understand can I set with the command below the V Sensor on port E1 (described in the picture), isn´t it?
    M574 V1 C4 S1

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    The C parameter was experimental in a 2.03beta release, but was withdrawn prior to the 2.03 release because it had undesirable side effects. I have corrected the wiki. It has been re-introduced in RRF 3beta in a different form.

    In RRF 2, when you create new axes in a M584 command, endstop inputs will be allocated in the order UVWABC. For example, if you create axes U and V in a M584 command, U will be allocated to E0 input and V to E1 input. You could allocate them the other way round if you create V first in one M584 command, then create U in a separate M584 command.

  • Oh, I see. I´ll look into it.

    Thanks David

    One question more.
    Can I check the sensor status with GCode or in the web interface?
    Only found a way for filament sensors

  • I found M119 to get the sensor status

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