Retraction firmware

  • Hi guys, let's talk about retraction firmware. I seem to have understood that it would be preferable to set it in the firmware? Quite right?

    I realized that it must also be enabled in repetier and I found the flag. Could anyone suggest me how to set it in the config.g file? (Here I have found various examples but I do not think I have well understood)
    Thank you very much!

  • @luc To use firmware retraction, two thing need to happen. Firstly the gcode file that you want to print has to have G10 and G11 commands in place of the "normal" G1 Ennn retraction moves. Usually, that is done by ticking a box in the slicer but I'm not familiar with Repetier so can't advise on how you set that up.

    The other thing that needs to happen is that you have to "tell" the firmware what to do when it sees a G10 command in a print file. You do that by using the M207 command

    The title of that command is "Set retract length" but actually as well as the length, you can set the retraction speed, an additional positive or negative unretrcat length, the unretract speed and also configure a Z hop.

    The main advantage of using firmware retraction is that any or all of the parameters I've just mentioned can be set "on the fly" during a print, which is useful for tuning purposes. Once you have found the optimum settings to use, you can either configure the slicer using those values or continue to use firmware retroaction by putting the M207 command in your configuration file.

  • So, would a string like this be correct for 1,5mm?
    M207 S1.5 F2400

    Is there a precise point in the config.g file where to insert it?

    "...can be set "on the fly" during a print...." By macro ... right? Or....?

    Excuse me for too many questions!

  • @luc Yes that would give you 1.5 mm retraction at 40mm/sec. And yes, you can put the command anywhere in your configuration file.

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