PCB layout not ideal

  • The current Duet board layout is not ideal for me because the edge with the buttons, LEDs and SD socket would ideally butt up to a front panel but I don't want cables coming out of the front of my machine. The Ethernet socket is set back 1.6mm from the front edge and also the SD socket, whereas they would be better flush or slightly proud.

    So the Ethernet socket and USB connector would suit me better at the opposite end, or at least not facing the front.

    My current solution is to mount the Duet in the middle of my machine with a removable transparent cover, so I can at least see the LEDs and get at the buttons, USB and SD card if I need to. I route the Ethernet through the back panel of my machine with an RJ45 pass through connector and short patch lead.

    The pass through connector is grounded to the back of my machine, so I think the earth tag on the Ethernet module should be grounded to the local 0V on the Duet rather than the case. Perhaps there should be a jumper on the Ethernet module to do that.

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    Why do you want to put the side with the SD card and the LEDs at the front? Most people put it at the side or the back.

  • Because I don't have access to the back of the machine as it will face the wall in a row of machines.

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    You don't need to access the SD card slot or the reset button or see the LEDs, except for maintenance if something goes wrong that you can't fix over the network.

  • Borderline OT, but transparent filament makes for a somewhat okay light guide for LEDs, but dirt cheap plastic TOSLink cables from the far east are better as they have cladding

  • @dc42 said in PCB layout not ideal:

    You don't need to access the SD card slot or the reset button or see the LEDs ...

    This is how I use it. Completely hidden at the back fo the machine and works very well for me. Would be nice to make it to work with flex extender for people that need access for some reason but I don't know what it takes.

  • I built a control panel for similar reasons. If you didn't want to buid a whole panel, it'd be easy to mount a single (normally open) button to the front of the machine. Wire one side to gnd, the other to pin 44 on the expansion header and you have a reset button.

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    The only time I ever use the reset button is when uploading firmware via USB. Any other time I want to restart, I use the emergency stop button in DWC.

  • I have a few priters with Duet Wifi boards, I have found that once the boards are configured there is no need to interact directly with them. I have one machine that the board is completly inaccessible,

  • When I lived in a house with five other people and everyone had cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc I had to reset my duet pretty often to get it to reconnect to the wifi. Haven't had that problem since getting my own place but I can see the need for a hardware reset button.

  • @hayseed_byte, doesn't the Emergency Etop of the paneldue reset also the wifi? (I always assumed so).

  • @zapta said in PCB layout not ideal:

    @hayseed_byte, doesn't the Emergency Etop of the paneldue reset also the wifi? (I always assumed so).

    Yes, it does. But it only works if you have a PanelDue. 😁

  • @zapta Yeah. The cost of a panel due was hard to justify. However, as an industrial maintenance technician, I can whip up a control panel out of recycled parts in no time.

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