Delta crash probing

  • Hi Forum
    I am currently working on a Delta printer with DuetWifi electronics and dc42 firmware.
    I could need help with calibration of the printer.
    I have two problems.
    1. When I run the autocalibration, the printhead does not respect the heatbed size defined in bed.g.
    The printer is rather large and should be able to print 40cm diameter, however I have reduced the printsize to 30cm in diameter.The printhead never the less moves to far away from the center, crashing the carridge into the z-tower.
    I have tried to reduce the printsize to 100mm radius, but the carridge still wanders off.
    2. The printhead is moving in a "bowl-shape". The head is at the correct height in the middle but lifts to 20-30 mm height at the perimiter probepoints, effectively making autoprobe impossible.
    Is this enough information to diagnose the problem?
    Can anyone help me?
    Kind Regards
    Poul Erik

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    Hi Erik

    Sounds like your delta parameters are way off, try the configurator:

    with your printer dimensions as a start point. The key line will be the M665 line in config.g

  • Hi Tony
    Thank you for the quick responce.
    I´ll look at this tomorrow.

  • Thank you Tony
    You were right.
    I was confused about the M665 "R" parameter "set delta radius".
    The description "delta radius" led me to believe, that this should be the radius of the entire printer.
    After reading closer in duetWifi setup by DC42, I realized it is the rod length, measured horisontal from mid link to mid link, with the carriage in center position.
    Kind regards
    Poul Erik

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