Can't delete G-code files

  • I can't delete the code files in the "G-Code Files" directory via the web interface. Uploading / Overwriting / Printing works wonderful, but selecting delete doesn't seem to work. I also don't get any error message.

    Any guess what I'm doing wrong?

  • and you versions are ??

  • administrators

    Please tell us which main firmware version you are using, and which version of Duet Web Control.

    Is it particular files that you can't delete, or did you find that you can delete any file?

  • Thank you both for your reply.
    I'm currently not in front of the printer 😏

    Believe that it is v1.20.
    The problem exists for any file.
    I will later try to upload a short screen recording clip.

  • administrators

    @johncoffee, please upgrade to firmware 2.03 (if using a Duet 2) or 1.24 (if using a Duet 06 or 085) and to Duet Web Control 1.22.6 or 2.0.0RC7. Then let us know if you still have the same problem.

  • @dc42

    I've upgraded to FW2.03 and Duet Web Control to 1.22.6.
    Result: same problem.

    But then I decided to try to use Firefox 67.04 instead Safari 11.1.2 on Mac Os High Sierra. And tadaaaaa - This seems to solve the problem.

    With Safari I don't get the dialog window to reconfirm the delete action. With Firefox this pops up for confirmation.

    Thanks for your help.

  • administrators

    I have moved this to the Duet Web Control section as @chrishamm may be able to see why its not working on Safari.

  • I can delete code files on in Chrome on my Mac but I don't get a confirmation of it (using DWC 2.0.0-RC7)

  • Interestingly - as of today, all of a sudden, deleting of Gcode files also works with Safari. I don't know why, but the confirmation window pop-up like alright. Like it does on Firefox. I haven't even closed and reopen Safari - it just works.

    For me the issue is closed herewith.

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