Current options to integrate a web cam (similar to OctoPrint)

  • So I'm totally new to Duet and am looking at moving over from my Smoothie system. One thing that I like is the option to use OctoPrint and it's ability to be an all-in-one interface for your printer and remote access there-to.

    I'm no guru when it comes to setting this stuff up, but is there a reasonably straight forward way to accomplish something similar to what OctoPrint does in the Duet web interface? I know some have got a Pi to work w/ the Duet but I've not seen a blow-by-blow explanation in the couple hrs I've been looking. Also from what I understand, it's much redundancy with the exception of the camera interface. It'd sure be great if even an IP cam could be ported into the web interface and offer some of the time-lapse video options that Octo offers. I've no interest in slicing and all those extra options, more of a remote monitoring solution w/ machine control access. The ability to check print progress and shut the machine down it the print has failed etc.

    Anyone want to clue in a noob to what my options are if I go this route?

    Much appreciated!


  • I have an issue requesting using a URL for the webcam in DWC:

    It's been extremely hard to find a suitable webcam to do HTML5 video streaming, most webcams you buy require an intermediary server to transcode and re-stream the video.

  • There is a thread in here on using the pi as a camera and how to interface it into DWC and I have in fact done this and it works fine However the url has disappeared so i need to research it again. May help

  • I'm by no means tech savvy, but I couldn't get a webcam to work by reading any instructions. but this worked.

    I entered the webcam's IP, hit apply settings, it said something like image not available on the print status page. I right clicked on it, and opened image in new tab. then I found the webcam feed(turns out I had a password prompt in the way of the stream), and I right clicked on it, copy image address, and pasted that in the webcam IP box. Worked great.

    Maybe that is written somewhere and I missed it, or maybe that's just common knowledge and I'm way behind on the learning curve, but either way, I feel it doesn't hurt to share it here.

  • Thanks for the Share the main issue is that a lot of these so called IP Cams don't actually save the images in the form that DWC Wants (Some do if you can find the Address and port but that isn"t always easy).

  • I still have a PI3 running Octoprint with camera. I do this for the camera and some Octoprint plugins I like for LED and heater control of my enclosure. Works fine.

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    I really want to support RTSP in the web interface, but unfortunately Google has made that impossible to do directly in Chrome for the last ~2 years. All the solutions I can find involve having a web server somewhere reading the RTSP stream from the camera, and providing an HTML 5 video stream that the browser can connect to and render in a window. Those few of you who run your own web servers can do this; but I doubt that the web server on the Duet or Duet WiFi has enough performance to be that server. Perhaps it's worth trying, if I ever get time. The successor to Duet WiFi when it happens will have a faster processor, so it might be possible then.

  • I just have a PI with the PI Cam and std OS with Cam support and that works as I say there is a thread on here somewhere and a Pi (Mine is an early one) witha PiCam is prob about the same sort of price as an IP WebCam

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