Config File Disappeared

  • Hey Everyone,

    I had a bit of a strange one last night. I had finished doing all the wiring for the new water cooling setup on my printer and had it running on its side to check for leaks. I turned it off and placed it back vertical and turned it back on. It ran fine for about 5 mins while I was checking the cooling system at the printer head and then all of a sudden Web Control disconnected and the panel due stopped reading from the Duet Ethernet Board. I thought I had blown up the board as the PWM fans all went to full speed. I tipped it back over and had a look at everything and it all looked fine. There was no lights on the ethernet port but the 3.3V light, 5V and Vin were all lit. So I connected to the board with USB and it was still running. I then sent M552 and got a response, so sent M552 S0 and then S1 and the ethernet port started working again. I then went onto the Web Control, which was working, and started having a look. There was nothing configured and only had base stepper motors (I have 4 Z axis motors). I then went into the config file and it was empty, however the bed file, and the homing files were still there. Luckily I backed it up about 2 months ago. All my water cooling stuff was obviously gone and a few other things I changed about a month ago were gone as well but at least I hadn't lost everything.

    Anyway, can anyone shed any light on what it could have caused it? Did the SD card have a hissy fit and corrupt?

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    You may be able to find a more recent version of the config.g files saved as config.bak which gets created every time you make a change and save the config file.

  • @Phaedrux

    Thanks for that. I will have a look when I get home. I think I managed to get it all correct again. Pretty frustrating when it happened.

  • @Phaedrux do you have any idea why it could have happened?

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    Perhaps a connection was loose from moving the printer around.

    You could run a surface scan of the SD card to make sure it's still good. Either a chkdsk or backup and full format.

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