Extruder stops during printing

  • Procedure:
    Printing starts properly.
    After about one hour, the extruder0 does not move anymore.
    Extruder1 still works.
    The driving movements are continued.
    Only a restart can fix the error.

    Here is M122 during printing:

    I have replaced the E3D Super Whopper stepper motor with the E3D High Torque Axis stepper motor with the same result. The wiring is correct. I used firmware 2.03+1 (2019-06-18b1).

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  • What type of printer do you have?
    There are some threads on this forum where users experienced the same problem and was due to static charge buildup caused by plastic spool holder and unearthed extruder.

  • It is a custom build. I printed with this extruder0 about 20 kg of filament without this extruder problem (but other problems). Since I installed version 2.03+1 the new extruder error occured.

    Note: 1. Once the error occured after 10 hours.
    2. There was no warning shown in the duet web contol.

  • Update:
    I have replaced the wiring to the stepper motor.
    I have replaced the stepper motor.
    I plugged the extruder0 in the extruder4 socket.
    I have updated to the current firmware version.

    The same result. The extruder stands still. EXACTLY on the same position.

    How can I fix it? Perhaps, is in the new firmware (2.03 and later) a timer, who reset anything?

    I printed a test benchy. The error occurs in line 17 in Cura or line 16 in the gcode file after/during the switch to the infill.
    Benchy.gcode.zip.cps (Please delete the file-extension *.cps to extract the zip file)

    G1 F3660 X52.88600 Y18.95900 Z5.10000 E0.00000:0.00074
    G1 F3660 X52.83700 Y19.08700 Z5.10000 E0.00000:0.00080
    G1 F3660 X52.78700 Y19.15900 Z5.10000 E0.00000:0.00022
    G1 F3660 X52.68600 Y19.23800 Z5.10000 E0.00000:-0.00022
    M566 X1800 Y1800
    G1 F1800 E-6.00000:0.00000
    G1 F9000 X51.40165 Y17.70488 Z5.10000 E0.00000:-0.02865
    G1 F9000 X45.62208 Y10.80585 Z5.60000 E0.00000:-0.15437
    G1 F9000 X37.99961 Y1.70696 Z5.70000 E0.00000:-0.17515
    G1 F3500 X35.75200 Y-0.97600 Z5.70000 E0.00000:-0.05015
    M566 X900 Y900
    G1 F600 Z5.10000 E0.00000:0.03051
    G1 F1800 E6.06266:0.00000
    G1 F1139 X34.75560 Y-1.06076 Z5.10000 E0.06735:-0.01100
    G1 F1179 X33.75920 Y-1.14553 Z5.10000 E0.06735:-0.01100
    G1 F1219 X32.76280 Y-1.23029 Z5.10000 E0.06735:-0.01100
    G1 F1259 X31.76640 Y-1.31506 Z5.10000 E0.06735:-0.01100
    G1 F1299 X30.77000 Y-1.39982 Z5.10000 E0.06735:-0.01100
    G1 F1340 X29.77359 Y-1.48459 Z5.10000 E0.06735:-0.01100
    G1 F1380 X28.77719 Y-1.56935 Z5.10000 E0.06735:-0.01100
    G1 F1413 X27.93500 Y-1.64100 Z5.10000 E0.05693:-0.00929
    G1 F1453 X28.64212 Y-0.93391 Z5.10000 E0.06735:0.01438
    G1 F1493 X29.34925 Y-0.22682 Z5.10000 E0.06735:0.01438
    G1 F1533 X30.05637 Y0.48027 Z5.10000 E0.06735:0.01438
    G1 F1573 X30.76350 Y1.18736 Z5.10000 E0.06735:0.01438
    G1 F1613 X31.47062 Y1.89445 Z5.10000 E0.06735:0.01438
    G1 F1653 X32.17774 Y2.60154 Z5.10000 E0.06735:0.01438
    G1 F1693 X32.88487 Y3.30863 Z5.10000 E0.06735:0.01438
    G1 F1733 X33.59199 Y4.01572 Z5.10000 E0.06735:0.01438
    G1 F1773 X34.29912 Y4.72281 Z5.10000 E0.06735:0.01438
    G1 F1813 X35.00624 Y5.42990 Z5.10000 E0.06735:0.01438
    G1 F1853 X35.71336 Y6.13699 Z5.10000 E0.06735:0.01438
    G1 F1893 X36.42049 Y6.84407 Z5.10000 E0.06735:0.01438
    G1 F1933 X37.12761 Y7.55116 Z5.10000 E0.06735:0.01438
    G1 F1973 X37.83474 Y8.25825 Z5.10000 E0.06735:0.01438
    G1 F2013 X38.54186 Y8.96534 Z5.10000 E0.06735:0.01438
    G1 F2053 X39.24898 Y9.67243 Z5.10000 E0.06735:0.01438
    G1 F2093 X39.95611 Y10.37952 Z5.10000 E0.06735:0.01438
    G1 F2133 X40.66323 Y11.08661 Z5.10000 E0.06735:0.01438
    G1 F2173 X41.37036 Y11.79370 Z5.10000 E0.06735:0.01438
    G1 F2213 X42.07748 Y12.50079 Z5.10000 E0.06735:0.01438
    G1 F2253 X42.78460 Y13.20788 Z5.10000 E0.06735:0.01438
    G1 F2293 X43.49173 Y13.91497 Z5.10000 E0.06735:0.01438
    G1 F2333 X44.19885 Y14.62206 Z5.10000 E0.06735:0.01438
    G1 F2373 X44.90598 Y15.32915 Z5.10000 E0.06735:0.01438

  • Can you save a .3MF file from cura and post that instead? That will show us all of the cura and printer settings and stl model as well as be able to produce the same gcode.

  • Here is the .3mf file:
    Benchy.3mf.zip.cps (Please delete file-extendsion *.cps to extract the zip file
    But you can not generate the same gcode with this *.3mf file. I have written a few postscripts, that modify the original gcode. The generated gcode is correct. I use it since about 6 month for small prints, but I can't print big 3D objects since nearly 6 month (e.g. I2C-Error).

    Here is my alternative to reproduce this print.
    You can use my config.g and the uploaded gcode file.

    Note: All axis stepper motors and three (inclusive extruder0) of four extruder are earthed.

  • Now, I can reproduce it. It is definitiv a firmware error.

    Here are two versions (358KB):
    The first gcode file stops extruding after line 635.

    The second gcode file is a copy of the first gcode file.
    There is only one little change in line 554.
    I replaced:
    "G1 F3660 X14.99300 Y-3.21400 Z5.10000 E0.00002 ;Extrudefactor fest + variabel: 1.2312000000000003 ;GeteiltMoveFinish"
    "G1 F3660 X14.99300 Y-3.21400 Z5.10000 E0.00005 ;Extrudefactor fest + variabel: 1.2312000000000003 ;GeteiltMoveFinish"
    And this gcode file works perfect.

    I reproduced it about 20 times.
    This was my config.g for this test (In this gcode-version was mixing extruder deactivated):

    I hope you can reproduce it and find the error.

  • Can someone help me please?

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