calibrating a delta z probe...again

  • hi there, sorry to sound like a broken record to those who know what a record is.
    i,m stumped, i have a delta with smart effector, very latest firmware etc and i cannot calibrate my zprobe.
    have followed all the many different ways to no avail. z probe is working, am able to do g30 succsefully, have followed running auto calibration for first time as well as ;test and calibrate a z probe;
    doing these always results in a head crash. one thing im not clear on is trigger height. my zprobe always ends up at 30mm off bed as per instructions to change so is safe from hitting bed. since i have a smart effector what readin do i use, 30mm?0_1564676965492_bed file.txt this is the first time i,ve uploaded a file here, hope it works. if not could someone tell me how?0_1564676984189_config file.txt 0_1564676997195_homedelta file.txt
    thanks, Rod

  • Note your config.g M665 R237.19 L494.72 B140 H267 compared to your homedelta.g G1 S1 X236 Y236 Z236 F3000

    The G1 numbers should be LARGER than the actual height of the printer, to ensure proper homing. Quite a bit larger is OK, because the enstops will "catch" each tower on the way up; that's what homing is all about.

    Mine, from a large-ish delta (with smart effector):

    M665 L720.280:720.280:720.280 R328.641 H625.924 B304.0 X0.273 Y0.137 Z0.000

    G1 S1 X955 Y955 Z955 F1800

  • I recommend Copying the G30 S-1 results from the G-Code Console to Config.g G31 Z# after performing "Measuring the trigger height". This will keep the value on next hard power-up and prevent a crash.
    Procedure found here...

    Hope that helps.

  • finally found it!! i was mixing up dive height and trigger height!!
    i did up my homedelta numbers as you suggested Danal.
    thank you both for your help.

  • administrators

    I'm glad you found the problem. One more thing: don't use firmware 2.03 on a delta, use 2.04RC1 instead.

  • Dc42, thanks for that info, will do

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