Cr-10 Mini Wiring for Bed

  • So a bit odd, i see most heated beds have one positive on negative and thermistor. Wiring would be easy for this. However my cr-10 mini has two positive, two negative and two thermistor cables.

    How would I wire the two black and red cables, as normal to the terminals but two per terminal?
    I don't want to blow the board by drawing too much power.

    Any advice would be great, can't wait to get it up and running.

    Bed is stock, 12v 220w, online its called a cr-10 mini MK3 heated bed. Just a bit unsure with this. Was all going so well up until this point


  • 12V/220W is just a tad above 18A. The Duet2 bed heater connection is rated at 18A so it could just work. I don't know what the Maestro limit is. Proceed at your own risk though.

    Usually the double cable thing is done to distribute the load between the thin cables so they don't heat up too much. Screwing each pair into it's respective terminal like you suggest should work fine.

  • the fuse on the duet 2 for the bed in is 15A.
    So do not connect that bed directly.

    the two wires for the power is to share the load across 2 cable, because 18A required cables with are harder to bend.

  • @Veti @oliof Thanks for the replies, think I will use a SSR just to be safe. Had a spare so not that much of an issue

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    A 220W 12V bed heater would be unusual. I suggest you measure the resistance of the bed heater. You may find that its resistance is such that it will draw rather less than 18A. Don't forget to subtract the resistance reading when you short the multimeter leads together.

    You can increase the fuse to 20A if you want. In the event of a short circuit, your PSU's short circuit protection will kick in before the fuse blows anyway.

  • @dc42 seems to measure between 0.9 and 1.5 ohms which is I take the lower resistance of 0.9 should work out as 13 amps which is within spec I think.

    Never though to measure the resistance of the bed thanks for that

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