TP4 (E0_Step, E0_Dir, E0_En)

  • I see on the schematic that "TP4" is E0 Step, E0 Dir, E0 En. I also see that these are not available on the expansion header. I do not have the software to view the board layout and did not see (at least on the top of the board which I can see with it mounted) anything on the mask designating TP4. Is this one of the set of unmarked through holes by the end stop pins, or is it surface pads only somewhere? Best I can tell is that they are directly connected to the processor.

    Basically I am making some experimental hardware that needs to know when a retract is happening and when the retract return occurs. I saw the M571 for extrude but it does not let me know direction. My micro coding is antiquated back to Z80 days or else I would take a crack at creating a second pin option for Dir with M571. My last option would be to sense from the driver outputs with some level shifting and rotary encoder style logic but I'm trying to spare that trouble and I'm not sure how micro stepping would affect the timing logic of the flip flops.

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    Hi Alexander

    The test points are labelled under the board (not enough space on the top.

    In case you can get to the bottom of your board here is a screen shot of the relevant part (mirrored, as if you had the board turned over)

  • Thank you, I can't see the bottom of mine without taking it out and couldn't find a picture of the bottom on line.

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