Subscribte to threads - a way to make it always "on"?

  • I'm rather new to the forums yet, and have been a bit put off by my seeming inability to keep tabs on what I do.

    I've learned to view my profile and then threads to see the threads I've created. Also comments and subscribtions are placed here.

    What I would like is some sort of "auto subscribe" when creating a thread or responding somewhere.

    Also not have subriction default to off when someone has responded and you go in to view it.

    Might just be me, or is it how it's supposed to work?

  • administrators

    I think that is a limitation of this forum software. I just checked the settings. Other than the setting :

    "Automatically subscribe to every thread you comment in."

    In your user settings there does not appear to be an other autosubscription settings

  • I had missed that tick actually. Thanks 🙂

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