M552 S0

  • Hello,
    I sent the M552 S0 to see the IP address but but it shows me: Network stopped<LF><LF>
    I do not understand why.
    Thank you for the answer

  • My crystal ball is having bad reception, but maybe this can help you help us help you


  • Thanks for this information but I did not find any answer to my question.It is normal if I solve a problem I post it.Because I know that other people are need an answer like me.
    That's why I repeat the question:Why my electronic board are network stopped ? 0_1565845039348_YAT PHOTO.PNG

  • It was not intended to answer you question, but show you what kind of information we'd need to be able to understand what your problem is, what product you're having problem with etc.

    Why are you sending M552 S0? It is the command to disable networking, so its just doing exactly what you told it to do.

    You should send

    M552 S1

  • See M552 in Gcode dictionary. You are disabling the network with 'M552 S0'. It's doing exactly what you told it to do!
    The important bits:

    Parameters for Duet 2 Ethernet and 06/085 (this should include the Duet Maestro)
    Pnnn IP address, means acquire an IP address using DHCP
    Snnn 0 = disable networking, 1 = enable networking

    M552 with no parameters reports the current network state and IP address. I just did this on my Duet Maestro and got:

    Network is enabled, configured IP address:, actual IP address:


  • Thank you for your help guys it really works now.
    I'm at the beginning with this electronic board.Thanks again and see you soon.

  • Hello

    I have a problem with finding the IP address.I sent M552 S1 but no address returned,I waited more than a minute but nothing.I have a picture here.IP address.PNG .

    Thank you for your help

  • administrators

    If you set the line ending in YAT to LF only, you will be able to see the IP address that has been assigned to the Duet, which is currently off the right hand side of the window. See https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Guide/1.)+Getting+Connected+to+your+Duet/7#s6 for how to do this in YAT.

  • Hello
    Tanks for the answer I tried to connect the board but nothing.You have here the image.duet rejected.PNG duet yat 1.PNG. If you can give me a suggestion.
    Thank you for help

  • Copy and paste the text instead of an image, difficult to comment on parts of an image..

    You clearly have two different ip addresses, at which point did you try the browser?

  • Thank you for the answer but
    I tried both addresses but it doesn't work.I don't understand why he showed me two different addresses.

    Thank you

  • Do you have the SD card that came with the Duet plugged in? You are setting network in YAT and the Duet is showing up on the network. But when you connect to the Duet ip address, there is no page. The SD card holds the webpages, so that needs to be in the Duet. Or the files are missing from the SD card that is plugged into the Duet.


  • @bandulaadrian said in M552 S0:

    I don't understand why he showed me two different addresses.

    because you changed it, twice, after the initial dhcp address was obtained. Which would be easier to highlight if you pasted the text instead of a picture.

  • @bandulaadrian the M587 is for a wifi board you have a Maestro which does not have WiFi you are connected by a physical cable aren't you

  • run these commands, and only these

    M552 S1
    M586 P1 S1

    should look something like

    M552 S1
    M586 P1 S1
    FTP is enabled on port 21
    Network is enabled, configured IP address:, actual IP address:

    then try accessing then try opening (replacing the ip address in the link with the one you got.)
    should look something like

  • Thank you guys for the answer ,I tried the variants but nothing.I took pictures again.I do not understand why.duet yat2.PNG DUET connect.PNG
    If you can tell me why?


  • administrators

    @bandulaadrian You typed M552 P1 S1, when @bearer wanted you to type M586 P1 S1 (which will enable FTP so the test he wanted to do would show you a file list)

    From what you have reported it looks like you ar egetting an IP address as expected - so what happens when you go to that address:

  • Previously a HTTP/404; thus likely missing files in /www but I guess we'll have to find a different way to confirm.

    Move SD card to computer and show us the contents maybe?

    (Edit; Seems FTP access in chrome doesn't work with 2.03 Maestro FW, it saysERR_FTP_SYNTAX_ERROR but can't say if that's the reason FTP failed for OP)

  • Hello

    Thanks for your help I was able to make the connection T3P3Tony.
    I'll try the change firmware now.

    Thank you again

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