M552 S0

  • Hello,
    I sent the M552 S0 to see the IP address but but it shows me: Network stopped<LF><LF>
    I do not understand why.
    Thank you for the answer

  • My crystal ball is having bad reception, but maybe this can help you help us help you


  • Thanks for this information but I did not find any answer to my question.It is normal if I solve a problem I post it.Because I know that other people are need an answer like me.
    That's why I repeat the question:Why my electronic board are network stopped ? 0_1565845039348_YAT PHOTO.PNG

  • It was not intended to answer you question, but show you what kind of information we'd need to be able to understand what your problem is, what product you're having problem with etc.

    Why are you sending M552 S0? It is the command to disable networking, so its just doing exactly what you told it to do.

    You should send

    M552 S1

  • See M552 in Gcode dictionary. You are disabling the network with 'M552 S0'. It's doing exactly what you told it to do!
    The important bits:

    Parameters for Duet 2 Ethernet and 06/085 (this should include the Duet Maestro)
    Pnnn IP address, means acquire an IP address using DHCP
    Snnn 0 = disable networking, 1 = enable networking

    M552 with no parameters reports the current network state and IP address. I just did this on my Duet Maestro and got:

    Network is enabled, configured IP address:, actual IP address:


  • Thank you for your help guys it really works now.
    I'm at the beginning with this electronic board.Thanks again and see you soon.


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