IDEX printer: check my understanding of M584 (set drive map) command

  • I am commissioning a new cartesian IDEX printer powered by Duet WiFi and Duex5. It has:

    1 X axis motor
    1 U axis motor
    2 Y axis motors (these will always make the same moves, but mirrored)
    2 Z axis motors (these will always make the exact same moves)
    2 Extruder motors

    I would like to wire the motors as shown below:

    So according to my understanding of drive mapping, the drives should be mapped as follows:

    0: X axis
    1: Y axis primary
    2: Z axis primary
    3: E0
    4: E1
    5: U axis
    6: Y axis replica
    7: Z axis replica

    So finally my question is: Will the M584 command be written as below?:
    [c]M584 X0 U5 Y1:6 Z2:7 E3:4[/c]

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    That looks correct.

    I am looking forward to pictures!

  • Great! Thanks.

    Here's the start of the printer. It is mainly assembled from laser cut 1/8 inch thick 5052 aluminum (surprisingly affordable if you find a good supplier) and Misumi 2020 extrusion.

    It is still very early in the assembly phase, but I need to get a start at configuring the firmware to test the Z axis before I get too far along in assembly (made that mistake before and had to tear everything apart to solve binding).

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