Adding buttons to PanelDue

  • I would like to add some buttons to my 'Home' screen, the "Control" screen I think it is properly called. I tried searching but no luck yet. Here is my thought-

    alt text

    Spots in Orange seem like likely spots. I would like to add buttons for power on and off (M80 & M81) for example.
    I know that you can populate a Macro for this, but it seems so wasteful.

    I am looking at the source on

    but not understanding where things are or how they are formatted yet.

    Honestly, I was hoping that the format was similar to the menus on Maestro but I I don't understand the .cpp and .hpp formats.

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    Are you aware that you can add 4 macro buttons already?

  • The macro buttons populated automatically- seems to be the 1st 4 alphabetically.

    I would like to add more options. I find that I have 6-7 macros that I regularly use. It would just save the number of button pushes.
    -Power On
    -Power Off
    -Home & Mesh Level (includes power on, preheat, homing, mesh leveling)
    -Filament Unload
    -Filament Load
    -Heater Fault Reset

    Is it possible to cut the Macro buttons in 'half' and double them?
    Is it possible to add more buttons to the menu in the possible positions I have highlighted??

  • You can prefix macro file names with 'nnn_' where n is a decimal digit. E.g. "010_Power On". This will control the display order and duet/panel_due will hide the prefixes from the macro list. It's probably documented somewhere.

  • I am trying to figure out if the placeholders for axis U V & W can be used for macro's, or if the code can be changed to add another row between 8 & 9.

    Instead of the argument for the case where the output is Show(False) it can be assigned to something else. I realize that I probably suffer a bit form 'expert-blindspot' and that my needs and wishes might not be the best for others, but having the flexibility to be customizable might be nice.

    I am still trying to figure out how to compile and package this for the updater. Any pointers or howtows that might show the process?

    I think I got a little spoiled in my LCD menu adventures, but now I feel a little but ruined now having played with PanelDue.

    I am also trying to figure out why there appears to be a gap between rows 8 & 9. I have tried to annotate my original picture-

    alt text

    Here is the part of the code that I am focusing on-

    alt text

  • @sinned6915 said in Adding buttons to PanelDue:

    I am also trying to figure out why there appears to be a gap between rows 8 & 9.

    I don't know how small your fingertips are, but I'm really glad there's a gap.

  • @sinned6915 You could modify it pretty easily by changing the UVW buttons from IconButton to TextButton, adding the appropriate string for the label, then hooking it up to evSendCommand for "M98 P0:/whatever/macro.g" Then change the conditionals so it always displays.

    Downside is of course is hardcoding the button to a specific macro name but it makes the modification very straightforward.

  • has anyone seen instructions on compiling the PanelDue firmware?

  • @sinned6915 said in Adding buttons to PanelDue:

    has anyone seen instructions on compiling the PanelDue firmware?

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