Question for those with multiple Z steppers

  • Hi,

    For those of you with machines having multiple Z steppers are you installing end stop sensors?

    If so just one axis or one for each axis?



  • I run 4 on my printer and I only use a Z probe with auto bed leveling and also mesh compensation


  • I put one on each motor+belt/screw combo, that way I can calibrate Z0 for each individually and it will square itself up on homing even if steps are lost, etc.

    You can just use a probe, but then if the bed is tilted you are actually setting the two Z motors to different heights so your parts will be (ever so slightly) skewed.

    So I prefer one Z sensor for each actuator along with a probe to measure bed deviation after squaring everything up.

    Note that this assumes an i3 or similar setup. Some printers like the Railcore 2 have systems where the z screws can actually pivot the bed somewhat, in this case it makes a bit more sense to only use a probe.

  • I use the BLTouch to home Z, and stall guard to home X and Y. I used to use IR Endstops, but prefer to not have the extra wires/parts around the printer if I don't have to.

  • Only have one on my creality s10. Works fine. w/two z steppers with a duet 2wifi

  • Will also work without, on stall but takes 4 steps to register i dont think it matters because your homing
    I beleive you can reduce force on impacts with an endstop easier on your printer.. hope that helps

  • Thanks everyone.

    A while ago I decided to modify my already heavily modified DBOT to try out auto bed leveling with 3 Z axis steppers.

    After a good deal of trial & error I finally came up with a design I liked. I ordered or printed the new parts the design required. I just finished the modification and, after some basic sanity checks, I was ready to try auto leveling.

    The first attempt at auto bed leveling seems to have worked to the extent the G32 ran bed.g and the process completed, reporting the results and I could hear the Z steppers run just a bit.

    I was pondering the need for having end stop switches on each Z axis as a way of quickly getting the bed nearly level before running G32 given the tiny changes the default G32 settings allow.

    Your feedback has helped me. Thank you.


  • @fcwilt

    I find with mine that the bed stays basically flat all the time. I fixed my bed to the z axis frame meaning I have no manual adjustment. I only ever have about 0.175mm of deviation anyway from when the motors are off until the bed is level. I do run the probing sequence for leveling 3 times to get the best accuracy. I found that stubborn parts that required a bit of brute strength to get off would cause bigger deviations and it took several goes at it to re level the bed.

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