So, I blew up a WK8 P9 at TR5

  • As the subject says, I have a Duet WiFi, V1.02, and a wire was ripped from the hot end assembly (fan wire, if I recall correctly) which shorted the board. The board boots up but it's not working correctly anymore. It appears as though a component labeled "WK8 P9" (transistor, I assume) with three leads on it located at TR5 blew up.

    Can someone tell me what this is so I can attempt to get a replacement and fix the board?


  • TR5 is a PMV40UN2 N-Channel MOSFET.

    Data sheet here: Nexperia PMV40UN2

    It controls the part cooling fan, so that matches with the short circuit.

  • Awesome. Thank you!

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