Blobs on Corners

  • Hey everyone,

    I have an interesting one and was hoping someone could help. I have tried looking through the forums but can not find anything that has helped. I use Cura and have been having issues with blobs on corners of prints. I have tried changing all sorts of settings but have not been able to figure it out. I decided to have a look at the 3D viewer that Sindarius has implemented and released in DWC. It was only by chance that I picked a print that I was having issues on the corners with to view for the first time in the 3D Viewer. I was pretty surprised to see that his viewer is actually showing these blobs and they are in the exact location on the print when you print it.


    Currently I have tried coasting, and infill overlap %. Does anyone know what could be causing it. The viewer is also showing the blobs on another print as well. It seems to be something that has come up in recent releases of Cura as I have not always had this issue.

    I have a flex3drive as well if this is any help.


  • Here is the other one



  • Pretty sure they are just the start/stop points of lines(seams). Other than printing in vase mode they are nearly impossible to totally get rid of due to the nature of FDM printing. Things like coast, wipe, pressure advance will all help but when you have molten plastic being laid down in lines that start and stop there's not much that can be done.

    Best thing you can do is properly tune your extruder, filament flow and work with pressure advance.

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