SOLVED Duex2 ok for 3 independent Z axes?

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    I am currently building a V-Core CoreXY printer from a kit by RatRig, which includes a Duet2 Wifi. I am building the version with 3 Z-Axis steppers. My understanding is that the Duet2 supports only one Z axis stepper (and possible a second one "wired in series", so I guess they would run synchronously).

    If I want to use the 3 Z steppers independently for bed levelling as described here: I obviously need two additional stepper drivers.

    My question now is: will an additional Duex2 be sufficient to drive 3 Z axes, or do I need (for whatever reason) a Duex5? I guess this sounds like a stupid question, since the documentation of the Duex2 clearly states "2 additional stepper drivers", I just want to make sure I am not overlooking anything (some constraint on the use of the Duex2 stepper drivers) so I don't make an expensive mistake.

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  • I can't see it being an issue...I think the only difference between the duex 2 and duex 5 is that one has 2 extra stepper drivers, fans, endstops, etc and the duex 5 has 5 of each. You only need 1 additional for the triple z if using a single extruder. I just converted my BLV CoreXY to triple z but I got the duex 5 for the heck of it. I drive my triple z using the standard z-driver #2, the second extruder driver #4 and the #5 driver on the duex(the first additional one).

    If you are using dual extruders then you just use the normal z for your first (#2) and then drivers 5 & 6 on the duex 2.

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    Yes that will work. It's the standard configuration for the RailCore.

  • I just upgraded my RatRig V-Core from version 1 to version 2, with three Z steppers.

    To provide the extra stepper driver, I bought the Duex 5 instead of the Duex 2. The extra cost is not that significant and if I wanted to add more extruders (for example), it would be a real shame to have to buy a Duex 5 after all.

  • Thanks everybody!

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