Maestro E0 Connector

  • I have printed a new case for my Ender3 as it suits my needs better than I had previously, yes I considered using the mount Phaedrux designed, but did not want to cut my front panel. Plus I have fat fingers!

    To the question!
    I was using boot lace ferrules in the screw down terminals, but with this enclosure it is too tight.
    Is the secondary connector for E0, OK to use to power a hotend?
    The one where you crimp the terminals on and use the supplied white plugs.

    I have a E3D V6 with a standard 40w heater.

    Hope my question makes sense.


  • see the diagramm

    max current is 2a, if you have 24v then yes.

  • @Veti we use these connectors for up to 3A all the time with no issue. Technically the wire Gage could handle quite a bit more. The issue with connectors is they could corrode and with a bad connection there will be a high contact resistance which would cause a power drain at the connection itself. This would in turn over heat and start to melt down or cause a fire in the most extreme cases like if you have a rat nest of wiring all coiled together in a enclosure with no air flow.

    This ratings like 1-2A exist for the crimped portion and plastic housings as continuous amperages to be cautious. Ultimately it is up to the system designer to make sure that they have good connections nothing is loose etc. Bottom line you should not fear using this for extruder output up to 50-60W

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