PanelDue firmware 1.16 released

  • ok, i got it updated using Win 10.

    using Command line bossac found here:

    win 10… oh boy...

    any how, i havent updated sence V 1.13 i think it was, and the colors i have on my screen from 1.13 to the last 1.16...

    well the colors are total wack IMO. they look " puke'e"

    is this normal?

    here is the one from your site, it looks SO much better?



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    Looks like you've loaded 5" firmware when you have a 7" screen, or vice versa.

  • the file i uploaded was labeled : "PanelDue-7.0-1.16.bin"

    Ill try it again Monday. this is a 7"

    any other ideas let me know…

    Thanks David

  • Awesome! Will flash this just because the Emergency button 🙂

  • ok, all is fine now that i put the 5" LCD firmware on the 5" LCD…

    haha i must have lost my marbles...

    all is well,



  • So far so good 🙂 I only wish the emergency button would be visible on the "Move head" screen as well.

  • While i was doing a bed level i tried to hit the STOP on the Panel Due.

    it did not respond.

    can some one else check this?

    it should stop correct?



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    Which firmware are you running on the Duet? You need version 1.18 to get a fast response from the emergency stop button on PaneDue.

    A true emergency stop button is an electrical switch that disconnects the power to the printer.

  • 1.18.1 duet WIFI

    I hit it over and over to try to get it to respond but it never did. ( press and held it)

    just wanted to point this out.

    it responded right away on the web interface..

    I decided to run some G code and try it. (octagon-test-delta.gcode)

    it responded right away also.

    but when doing a mesh grid ruteine it works fine. everything stops.

    its only when I'm running a bed level ruteine.


    ok, now I'm confused… now after Manny restarts its working fine now.

    wonder if anyone else has come across this??


    A true emergency stop button is an electrical switch that disconnects the power to the printer.

    100% agreed!

  • I have not updated to 116 Yet but I am on 115C

    I do not know if this feature is already in the PanelDue.

    But I would like for the PanelDue to read the Default Heater Temperatures and Default Bed and Chamber Temperatures setting.
    That I configed through the Duet Wifi web site,

    Do I can choose them for the Bed and hot-end temp


  • administrators

    Do you mean the settings that you have set the heaters to? Or do you mean the selections available on the drop down list?

    I use macros to set the bed and hot end temperatures for the filaments that I commonly use.

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