DWC 2.02 - Estimated End Time missing

  • Well what the title says basically.

    The old DWC showed:

    The 2.02 DWC shows:

    Can we get it back please?

  • Yes please, bring this back!

    My use case is always the same: I look to have some idea what time the print will be finishing in order to make plans around it. eg what time should I get up in the morning (in order to be able to leave with newly created print) or what time would be good to make plans with friends (because print finished and can power down printer). Now this feature is no longer there I'm left with a lot of mental arithmetic to do. Made only worse by the fact there are three versions of the calculation as above. And this is something may have to do on several occasions in the same print. Ugh.

  • administrators

    I've added this to the DWC issues list.

  • Yes please! Miss this not being there.

  • I have version DWC 2.07 and Estimated End Time still missing. Is it possible, bring this back, please? Thank you.

  • Another vote for this being very useful data!

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