L-PBF using DUET 2 Wifi

  • Hi Guys

    Just a heads up. We are utilising a duet 2 along with other cards/VI's for our open-architecture laser powder bed fusion (L-PBF) rig at Heriot Watt.

    I will share more details once I can however, the Duet 2 is central to the basic mechanical movements of our rig. We have integrated this with LABVIEW in order to manage the 5 or 6 different systems that culminate in our builds.

    Since I took over the day to day management of the machine, I begin by integrating 3D printed parts using my duet powered FDM machine. We have now went further to integrate duet electronics into the core systems of the machine.

    Here is our rig an an example build.

    ![alt text](<a href="https://ibb.co/fkc5wcS"><img src="https://i.ibb.co/T4CS3CT/E4-A0-EE3-A-53-F0-4-B07-AEAC-C22-A6889180-E.jpg" alt="E4-A0-EE3-A-53-F0-4-B07-AEAC-C22-A6889180-E" border="0"></a>

    Once I can, I will share more details on what the DUET 2 actually does within our rig, however the the quality we are getting on bids (SS316) are superior to what we had before we integrated the DUET 2 into the rig. Before we were using easy-steppers and they were rough for powder spreading etc...

    Watch this space..


  • That's really interesting, both on a "metal 3D printing is cool" level and a personal level - I've been writing LabVIEW code for a decade or so, and selling Duets for 5 years or so. Never thought I'd see the two worlds collide. Keen for more details!

  • @ar300 here is a link to some of our papers. The videos are awesome. We have a few more papers lined up for the next few months..


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