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  • Hello I have been printing for a long time and have recently bought a FT5, which I am not thrilled with but oh well. I have recently upgraded the board with the duet 3D wifi and I love it! However my axis in the x axis is still flipped! I had to move my axis end-stop (because it was in the wrong stop) so now it should be homing at the back right. However my x goes in the opposite direction. Please help!

  • the homing moves are defined in the home[xyzall].g files. if you want to change the direction. you will need to edit them.

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    Use a M569 command in config.g to reverse the X axis direction. See the GCodes page on the wiki.

  • Hello again, I tried this however when I press home all it still does the same thing. I then changed the home all file and it seemed to work. But when I tried to print something the motors drove in the opposite direction for the x/y and then only the y moved but only a little. So it was 'printing" in the back corner. I am not sure what is going on. I tired recreating the configuration settings and now nothing is moving. Really confused... what should my next step be?

  • Okay I tried uploading new config.g file and now I can't eve connect to the board... 😕 😠

  • Can you post your config files and homing files?

    There have been a few other posts about the FT5 such as this one. The confusion arises from the fact it uses the back right as the 0,0 point rather than the front left.

    Take a look at these posts: https://forum.duet3d.com/search?term=ft5&in=titlesposts

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