Do I have a bad expansion board?

  • I recently purchased the Duex 2 and Duex 5 Expansion Board - Duex2 board for the Duet3d wifi. I now have 3 of the fan ports that have stopped working. Yesterday, I was watching one of the temperature activated ones and it just stopped and I can't get that port to work again. Ports 3, 5 and 6 are the ones I can't get to work. All 4 of my fans function when I have them hooked up to functioning ports. So the wiring for the fans should be good. I've changed my config.g file to point to the working ports up until number 5 quit. It's still in the config but I can't get the fan to work. It should start with the M106 command but it doesn't.

    Here is a pic of my board.

    here is my config file.

  • It doesn't look like my config file got posted. Here it is again.

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    Are they ordinary brushless fans, or something more powerful?

    Is there any sign of damage to the small 3-pin mosfets next to the fan outputs?

  • I don't know if they are brushless or not. They are 30mm 12v fans. Most of which I got from the filastruder company so I would think they would be compatible. I don't see anything on the 3pin mosfets. I think those are the little chips just above the outputs that have 2 little pins on one side and 1 pin on the other. Nothing looks charred or anything.

  • Any ideas?

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    I think your expansion board may be faulty. Please ask your supplier for a replacement under warranty.

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