WiFi spontaneous disconnect

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    Cannot now connect DWC via wifi. I had been running successful prints all day. Then a period of inactivity doing other PC things - the computer and the printer were not turned off during this period. When I returned to DWC I found it had disconnected. Turned everything off and re-tried without luck. The PC communicates with the other wifi devices. Tried DWC from another computer on the net and no joy. The IP address is correct. I did not interact with Duet in any way during the inactive period ( possibly about an hour ). Any suggestions as to how I can troubleshoot this problem - the board is quite new - Sept 2019 from Filastruder - and has been working flawlessly.

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    When you power on the board do you see the blue LED on the wireless module turn on at all?

  • @Phaedrux Yes, blue LED light on.

  • Situation resolved - but I have no idea what/how happened. And found this almost by a fluke.
    Normal ip address was and was used for months and called by a bookmark ( to ensure my crappy typing would not be in play ). So, anyway, that didn't work.
    I decided to run a print by "sneaker-net" from the touch panel and somehow a notice popped up saying something like " connected blah blah to . The ip address had ratcheted up one digit from 187 to 188.
    Everything now working fine. Can anyone explain to me how this happened?

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    Your router is probably serving it a DHCP address and you haven't reserved it for the duet so it just got a new IP.

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