Duet wifi suddenly stopped working

  • Out of the blue, my Duet WiFi (it’s an older board, maybe a year or two old) has stopped connecting to my network. When I check the router, the Duet doesn’t show up. However, when I check for available networks with my phone, the Duet is there. Any thoughts on what happened or how to fix this? The Duet is not easily accessible and would require I disassemble the printer. Hoping to avoid that if it’s something simple that I’m overlooking.

  • I tend to start by looking at the SD card since everything is dependent on that to function. Hopefully you can at least get to that without having to disassemble your printer.

    I would remove the SD card, copy it's contents, do a full re-format of it and then copy the files back to it.

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    If possible, connect to the Duet via USB to be able to check the network config and status. Is the Duet getting it's IP address via DHCP or do you use a fixed IP address? Have you rebooted your router? Could just be that the router has assigned the IP address in conflict with another device.

    There's a good guide to WiFi troubleshooting here: https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/WiFi_disconnections_and_AJAX_timeout_errors

    With my WiFi, I usually have the IP address assigned by DHCP, and connect using the mDNS name, ie MyPrinterName.local rather than having to look up the IP address. This seems to work most reliably for me.


  • Thanks, guys. I never use the SD card and am actually not sure there’s even one in there? Unfortunately can’t check without disassembly.

    I have a Google router, forget what it’s called but it’s a round cylindrical device. It kind of has a mind of its own and some settings don’t seem to be adjustable. It had been working fine with the Duet but I’d always have to look up the IP address to use the web control because it changes frequently. I’ll try and check the link for troubleshooting and hopefully I can make sense of it. I struggle with computer and networking stuff!

  • the configuration is stored on the sd card. without it you would not be able to use your duet properly

  • Thank you...so there must be an SD card in there then. Couldn’t remember. I guess I’ll have to take the printer apart to access the USB port. I don’t have an SD card reader for my PC. Very strange why it has stopped working.

  • SD cards wear down just from reads and writes to them....they need to be treated as a consumable. If you don't print with a USB cable then you are using the SD card often. Every time you upload a print to the duet, it is stored on the SD card.

    I don't know how it is done on the duet but I know on Marlin based boards if you use power loss resume it is writing to the SD card a ton keeping track of the status of the print in case the power fails so that may be another thing that can possibly cause faster wear of a SD card.

  • I have the Google WiFi as well and it works pretty decent with Duet. With the accompanying app you can reserve an IP address for a device as well.

  • I had Google WiFi (round things) for quite a while and it worked fine with two Duet 2 WiFi printers.

    I got rid of it for other reasons.

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