Thread holes on nema 17 motor arent deep enough

  • I bought this nema17 bracket for my nema17 stepper. I aligned all four (front) holes on the stepper with the bracket holes. The 2 bottom holes (near the base of the bracket) is where the 2 screws went in all the way, but the top screws didnt. Is this normal? Do I just get shorter screws?

    NEVERMIND, I just saw that it was the 2 holes where I had taken out the back screws on the stepper when I tried to fix it onto a home made aluminum bracket. When I realized I had to front mount it instead of back mount it, I bought the front-mounting brackets online. But I had successfully removed 2 of the back screws on the stepper at first, however I tried to hard to remove the other 2 back screws that I stripped the screwheads on those 2 backscrews and those are the ones that are still in the stepper and therefore the ones where the front screws dont fit.

    I did find shorter screws for those blocked holes.

  • And/or, if it is close, washers under the screwheads.

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    Typically, you only have 4mm of M3 thread to screw anything in on the face of a NEMA 17, so selecting the correct length bolt is vital. Or lots of washers!


  • Or grinding the screws with a dremmel tool. Had to do it two weeks ago.

    Read once that three full turns are sufficient for screws to hold well. Not sure how accurate it is.

  • If the screw is too long, one can screw on a nut, saw off part of the thread (or Dremel), and then turn the nut off, The nut removes the burr.

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