G2 not completing before G1 starts?

  • I'm experimenting with some code like this:

    G1 X0.000000 Y101.599998 Z1.386840 E 383.897919 F 3000.000000
    G1 X0.000000 Y71.500595 Z1.386840 E 389.741913 F 3000.000000
    G2 I0.000000 J-71.500595 X0.000000 Y71.500595 E409.353699
    G1 X0.000000 Y101.599998 Z1.386840 E 403.353699 F 3000.000000
    G1 X0.000000 Y101.599998 Z1.386840 E 409.197693 F 3000.000000
    G0 R0 F3000

    and it seems like the G2 is not quite completing before the following G1 starts.

    Maybe I'll put a pause and see if it changes things.

    Anyway, if you could take a peek, I'd appreciate it.

    I can't guarantee you'll be able to see it, but this image shows a G2 coming around clockwise, and the G1 moves coming towards the viewer.

    See how the lower layers seem to start the G1 before the G2 finishes coming around?


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    @alankilian Is it possible that the filament is not adhering to the layer below well enough and the sudden change in direction pulls it in this "diagonal" direction? Does it also happen if you print slower? Or hotter? Can you observe the print head leaving towards that spike early?

    EDIT: And of course the usual drill: which firmware version, which board?

  • I tried to get a simple failing example for HOURS yesterday and I could not get it to happen using a simpler set of GCode.

    I'm thinking along the same lines you are that it might be peeling off.

    I'll try more experiments again today and post again.
    Also with my printer/firmware information. (Which is in my one other post if you're curious enough to look it up.)

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